Re: Slide drying oven

From:Roger Moretz <>

We have a VWR Model 1330FM.  It works well, maintains
a constant temperature and is forced air.  


No commercial or financial interests in the product or
vendor.  Just a satisfied customer.

--- "Henry, Charlene" <>
> Fellow Histoneters, Our lab is looking to buy a oven
> for drying slides,
> however we want a oven that has a circulating air
> flow inside. We are drying
> our slides for 30 minutes at 60#176#C, however sometimes
> they still have small
> beads of water on the slides and the paraffin does
> not appear to be melted.
> We feel an oven with circulating air would do a
> better job. Any information
> on a slide oven would be appreciated. 
> Thanks,
> Charlene 

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