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Hi Linda,

are you making up the retic solution yourself, or is it commercial?

I seem to recall that if to much ammonia was added to the retic 
solution in preparation that this caused the sections to detach.

The method we used to used said something like"add ammonia till 
a faint opalescence was noted" - this was open to multiple 

Just something to think about


South Africa
On 13 Jul 01, at 18:04, Linda Stirpe wrote:

> Hi Fellow Histonetters,
> I need some help trouble shooting Modified Gomoris
> Retic and could not think of a better place to ask for
> help.  Lately, the control and/or sections are
> floating when going from the silver solution to
> distilled water and sometimes when going from
> distilled water to 20% formalin.  The sections are cut
> at 5 microns and put on Poly-L-Lysine slides.  We have
> tried drying the slides differently each time - slide
> dryer, 37 degree incubator overnight and 57 degree
> incubator for 1 hour.  We have made up all new
> reagents and the sections still float. All the
> reagents and steps done at room temp.  I do not know
> what else to try, so, any suggestions are greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Linda Stirpe
> Corning Hospital
> Corning, NY  
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