Re: Reference for Ruffers

From:Barry Rittman

I don't have a direct reference for this, however it was quoted in an article by
A.F.Sandison.  "Examination of Mummified Material". Stain Tech. 30. 277. 1955.
There is also another method for dried tissues using antiformin (alkaline
potassium hypochlorite) solution but can't seem to lay my hand on the details of

Tim Webster wrote:

> Hi All,
> God bless the histonet!  I read and replied to a tech suffering with dried
> out bone.  A number of reponses (that I have now deleted ^&*^$$%!) gave a
> recipe for Ruffers soln.
> I have used it on occasion myself, and after the e-mails, I realized that we
> don't have reference to Ruffers in our technical manual.  I couldn't find it
> in Lipincott, we don't have a copy of Bancrof (I know, heresy!) and we don't
> usually include procedures for which we cannot give a reference.  (I'm not
> sure "Histopals on the internet" can count!).
> (I have to unsubscribe on Friday 'cos I'm going on vacation Yippee! So
> PLEASE send any reponses  after Friday straight to my address at the
> bottom.)
> If anyone could send me a reference, I'd be chuffed.
> Thanks very much, and, er, I'll be thinking of you all.
> Tim Webster
> Northwestern Medical Center
> Fairfield Street,
> St A

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