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From:Nancy E Weber

Hi Ian,
At the diagnostic lab I used to work at we would seal our blocks with
paraffin before we would file them.  At the embedding center, poured x-cess
paraffin on the hot plate and swiped face of block to seal it.  We had
blocks from the eighties filed that we had no problem recutting if we had to
that were sealed like this.  The only problem......just keep them in a cool

Nancy Weber
Research Associate
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Ohio State University
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From: "Clarke Ian" 
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Sent: Monday, July 30, 2001 6:16 PM
Subject: Re Block storage

> Hi all,
> does anyone seal their block faces with wax for storage purposes ?If so at
> what point do you seal them,once a day/week or does anyone do this
> after the cut.The reason I am asking this is we have had a problem of
> deterioration as the block store we use at present is not environmentally
> controlled.Does anyone utilise other chemicals such as thin coats of
> or vacuum packing?
> Thanks in advance.
> Ian Cla

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