Re: Microscopes in offices?

From:Roger Moretz

Peggy's comments are right on!  There are times when
those who have some official functions related to
safety, (and who have no concept of actual lab
practices) try to dictate nonsense.  If things get a
little hairy, do what I did just this Wednesday--when
I got home, I poured a glass of a nice Merlot, and my
wife and I toasted to "insanity".  Seemed the only
sane thing to do.
--- "Morken, Tim"  wrote:
> We are designing a new lab building. One of the
> "standards" that the Office
> of Health and Safety has dreamed up is that there is
> to be no "lab
> equipment" in offices. The office area will be
> completely separated from the
> lab area. They include in this mandate a requirement
> that offices cannot
> have microscopes in them. Of course our pathologists
> are a bit miffed at
> this requirement! All pathologists and technologists
> will have their own
> offices in the office area. I was wondering if
> anyone on Histonet works with
> a pathologist who is not allowed have a microscope
> in his/her office. Are
> any pathologists offices with microscopes, or
> multihead microscope rooms,
> required to have non-carpeted floors? 
> Tim Morken
> CDC, Atlanta

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