Re: LFB staining

From:Renee Escalona <>

Hmmm..........I thought tissue for the Luxol Fast Blue stain was supposed to be formalin fixed and embedded in paraffin.  Could this be the  problem that is causing your tissue to slough off?   Just a thought........

Renee Escalona, BS, HTL(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab
College Station, TX

>>> Christina Benou <> 07/19/01 12:26PM >>>
>Hi everyone,
>I am trying to stain mouse brain with Luxol Fast Blue. I perfused 
>the mouse with 4%paraformaldehyde, then I put the brain in PFA for 3 
>days and then in 30% sucrose for 1 day. I froze the tissue in OCT at 
>-20 degrees. My problem is that the sections disappear from the 
>slide during the overnight LFB immersion. Does anyone have any idea 
>about why this is happening?

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