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Hello Mary,
         I used to use this Vector DAB kit but it let me down a few times 
and it is too convenient to be good. The best DAB is the tablet form which 
is stored frozen in aliquats. There are just too many things that can go 
wrong in immunos and you don't want it to be the DAB. I now use Kem-En-Tec 
DAB but I'm sure DAKO sell tablets now also.

Annette Ryan,
Medical Laboratory Technician,
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital,
Co Louth.

At 04:02 PM 7/30/01 -0400, Georger, Mary wrote:
>Good Afternoon All,
>I have a question for those of you out there doing Immunos. I am having a
>problem with the Vector DAB kit that I just bought, when you add the DAB
>drops to the buffered double distilled water it immediately turns dark
>brown. This has not happened with any previous kits. To make matters worse I
>am in the middle of a study and hate to risk any study slides with this
>chromagen. I called technical support for Vector and was told I could fed-ex
>back the kit and they would do another QC on it, but in the interim I would
>have to buy an additional kit to finish the work I am in the middle of.
>  Now I have been off the bench for 2 years, but it seemed to me that
>previously when there was a question with a reagent the supplier sent out a
>replacement first so that you were not left high and dry. This has still
>been my experience with DAKO, they have been great!
>My question- Is this type of non-service the hallmark for companies now?
>I have learned a valuable lessen about who I will buy from in the future.
>Mary Georger
>University o

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