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From:Kappeler Andreas

CD1a, clone O10, works on paraffin embedded tissue after HIER. Unfortunately
the antibody is only available as one of these ready-to-use products. It was
distributed by Immunotech, who used to be a French company before it was
'Coulter-ized'. Coulter in turn has been 'Beckman-ized' about 3 or 4 years
ago. It's so easy to loose track of reagents these days (Beckman is owned by
GM, which in turn belonged to Warner Bros until yesterday - didn't
MacDonalds just buy WB this morning? And this all in the name of customer
satisfaction). Clone O10 has the product code IM1590 and should be available
from your Beckman Coulter distributor, although Beckman Coulter doesn't seem
to put a lot of emphasis on the product. You won't find it easily on, but try their CD chart at At least it's listed there. Good

Andi Kappeler
Institute of Pathology, University of Bern, Switzerland

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> Dear Histonetters:
> I am looking for a source of CD1a antibody.  I use the DAKo autostainer
> need the antibody for paraffin embedded tissue.  I was given the name of
> company, Immunotech, but can't find the number for the company.  I have
> searched the web and have asked a fellow tech for the number and she
> place it.  Is this the only source?  DAKO has this antibody, but is for
> frozen, fresh tissue.  I have tried to "adjust" times, etc., but to no
>  Any information wo

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