From:"Lori Miller" <>

 Jim, I have some "heavy" non-disposable blades here that we have not used
in years. Frankly, I don't know what kind of shape they're in but if you
would like them I'm sure I can get the okay to send them to you.
Let me know if you're interested!
Lori Miller
W.L. Gore & Assoc., Inc.
Flagstaff, AZ  USA

Colin Powell <> on 07/13/2001 07:16:25 PM


Dear histonetters!
Thank all of us who helped me with very successful relocation to
Arkhangelsk region of Russia. In beautiful town of Severomorsk where I had
been employed as histotech at Reional Hospital we suffer a lack of
qualified personal and properly functioning equipment. In that setting is
only one microtome with very old blades, but we have to perform almost 60
slices every day Here nobody knows about antibody staining. Automatic
systems for slides preparation such as LEIKA are unknown at all. But nature
of this place and especially human characters are wonderful, and I am very
glad to live in those terrific lands. Those language difficulties wich I
suffered during first weeks of my employment have been displased very
effectively by friendship support of local coworkers
I would be very appreciated regarding any help with equipment and
chemicals. Best wishes to all my colleagues.

Jim Collins,
Pathologic unit,
Regional Hospital
Severomorsk, Arkkhangelsk region,


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