RE: osteoid stain

If your sample is mineralized you can do a von kossa stain which will stain
the mineralized bone black then on top of it do a aqueous eosin stain (2%
for 20 min.)wash in dih20 then quickly dehydrate thru 95% ETOH, 100% and
Xylene.  Coverslip.  Then look at the section under UV light.  The
mineralized bone will be completely dark and the eosin stained osteoid will
light up like a christmas tree.  We use this method to measure osteoid on a
computerized image system.
Patsy Ruegg

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		Osteoid seams can be seen in H & E stain but Masson's
Trichrome, Safranin
		O/Fast Green and other Trichrome staining techniques can
highlight the
		osteoid areas in bone. Depends on what colors the observer
wishes to view.

		Regarding muscle fiber types, PTAH is beautiful for striated
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		Hi fellow histonetters,

		Actually, I have 2 questions:

		1. What are you using to stain osteoids?

		2. Do you know if there is a method to differentiate muscle
fiber type for 
		FFPE equine?

		Thanks as always

		Jill Songer HT (ASCP)
		Supervisor, Anatomic

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