RE: Way off topic

Er, excuse me, how were we supposed to know you were not Lousie:-)

Besides enuogh poeple bother abuot vowel seqeuences to make your last remark superflouus.

Terry L(Lewis, and glad it's not Lousie) Marshall
Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire


You are the 1st person who has noticed this! You win 1st prize - a 
big hug should you ever visit South Africa (gosh i hope that the 
histonet won't think this too forward of me......)  
Seriously though,I do know, its just that so many people have 
trouble with the sequence of vowels that I am not bothered 

Best regards

On 25 Jul 01, at 13:49, Mark Ray wrote:

> Dear Louise,
> Are you aware that your name always apppears as "Lousie" in the
> Address line of  your emails.  I don't mean to bother you, but perhaps
> you would like to correct this.  Having read many of your previous
> postings, I would say that you don't seem like a lousy sort of person,
> yo

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