RE: Top Atomic Pathologists

From:Cathy Gorrie

>  >
>>		Hey guys, I'm so glad I found this group! I'm working on a
>>research project
>>		for which I need to identify the top (50-100)
>  >board-certified Anatomic
>  >		Pathologists in the area of immunohystochemistry. Is there
>>such a list? Any
>>		help would be greatly appreciated.
>  >		Scott

All qualified Anatomic Pathologists should belong to their 
representative medical society, names are usually published in a 
member booklet, either under their speciality, affiliated institute 
or alphabetically. Why don't you approach some of these societies for 

In Australia you would start with AMA  ie Australian Medical 
Association, or the Royal College of Pathologists?, and work your way 
from there. There must be similar in USA.

How you would determine if they were good or not is another matter. 
Remember it is usually the Histo technician who is highly skilled in 
the use and applications of immunohistochemistry. A well prepared 
immuno stained slide isn't too hard for a Anatomic Pathologist to 

Cheers, Cathy
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