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You need to set up a validation system in which you show that an antibody
still works. Keep records of use, and for those that are not used much do a
test runs to validate their viability. Keep references as to the run and the
slide stained to show inspectors. Then give the antibody an extended
expiration date, say 6 months, or other time period depending on your
experience with it's longevity. You could do this with your present old
antibodies. Just take them out of service and then do validation runs at
your leisure.

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Subject: Throwing Out Antibodies

Fellow Histonetters,
I am a Long-time reader, first time questioner.
With a CAP inspection coming up, I am faced with throwing out a significant
amount of expired or soon-to-expire primary antibodies that I have inherited
from the previous lab manager.  I hate to throw out such valuable stuff.
How can I prevent such waste in the future?

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