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Dear Charlene, after a paraffin section is mounted onto the slide we
drain vertically for 2-3 minutes, (don't let sections dry out
completely). Then the slide is blotted firmly between multiple layers of
damp whatman's No.1 filter paper using the flat part of a clenched fist,
(you can also use an art roller). When blotting apply firm even pressure
starting at the top of the slide. The slide is then placed on a flat 60C
hot-plate for about 5 minutes. Slides then get loaded into a staining
rack, blow-dried briefly with a hair-drier to re-melt the wax and then
placed into xylene, xylene, alc, etc etc.
We cut a wide variety of human and animal tissue and require very few
sections to be placed on coated slides.
It's important to remember these are only a few of the steps to produce
a good H+E. You need blocks that are well fixed, processed, embedded,
trimmed carefully with sharp blades at room temp, cooled on a cold
plate, the sharpest blades you can find, a good microtome that is well
maintained, etc. David.

David Taylor
Laboratory Manager
Drs King & Mower
Adelaide, Australia

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Thanks for all of the responses about slide drying ovens. Our
ask that I also ask the following question. After cutting surgical
slides, how long and at what temperature do you dry your slides? Also do
use an oven, microwave, hotplate or ect? Any

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