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In the past we have had the same problem. Even after automation we had our
retic sections falling off.  Here is our remedy.  After the slides are
deparaffinized and hydrated to water place slides in a coplin jar with 10%
formalin and microwave until near boiling. Leave slides in for 5 min. then
rinse with d. water. Proceed with the oxidation and so on.  Something else
that may help is reducing the concentration of your formalin reducing
solution.  Hope this helps!
Kari Dalziel

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Subject: Retic trouble

Hi Fellow Histonetters,

I need some help trouble shooting Modified Gomoris
Retic and could not think of a better place to ask for
help.  Lately, the control and/or sections are
floating when going from the silver solution to
distilled water and sometimes when going from
distilled water to 20% formalin.  The sections are cut
at 5 microns and put on Poly-L-Lysine slides.  We have
tried drying the slides differently each time - slide
dryer, 37 degree incubator overnight and 57 degree
incubator for 1 hour.  We have made up all new
reagents and the sections still float. All the
reagents and steps done at room temp.  I do not know
what else to try, so, any suggestions are greatly

Thanks in advance,
Linda Stirpe
Corning Hospital
Corning, NY

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