RE: Plummage Dye - DownUnder?!?!

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Hello Melissa,
Just a thought, but how about using a tissue marking dye such as the ones we
use to mark surgical margins before processing tissue. They are available
from a number of sources and withstand alcohol's and xylene, so water should
be no problem. 
Keep us posted!
Mary Georger
University of Rochester Center for cardiovascular Research
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> Dear Histonetters,
> My name is Melissa, and I'm a researcher at the University of
> Melbourne,Australia, with a novel problem.  We need to colour-mark
> seabirds (specifically gannets), with a plumage dye that will last 4-6
> months, and withstand regular dunking in sea water whenever the birds are
> foraging. We want to apply the dye just once (no touch ups) at the
> beginning of the breeding season to minimise disturbance to the birds.
> Dye colour is not an issue, so long as it's readily visible against white
> plumage (so darker colours would be best).
> Many thanks in advance for your help!
> cheers,
> Melissa.
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