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This is a concern for me - among many! How are people disposing of their
mercury waste? I have tried methods of precipitating and filtering, but my
filtrate always had too much mercury left in it. I gave up on that and have
a company haul it away. A few years ago I heard that there was NO company in
the US who would dispose of mercury waste. I was questioning our company
recently to see where they sent this waste, and they assure me that it is
incinerated. Well, so now we breathe it? 

I'm also concerned about the processor solutions that follow the B5. This
snowball just gets bigger! 

We do put our xylene/iodine waste in with xylene waste to be hauled away. It
is listed in the waste stream. 

I surely would like to hear what others are doing regardless of state
regulations. This is one of those humankind issues more than anything! 

Thanks, j 

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> No recipe, but a question -
> How do you dispose of the xylene and the alcohol, now that
> it has mercury in it?
> Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
> William Beaumont Hospital
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> Subject: B-5 Precipitate
> > We currently use a xylene/iodine solution to de-zenkerize our B-5 fixed
> > slides (5 gms. iodine to 400 ml xylene) and I want to put this in my
> > procedure manual.  Would anyone out there have a source for this recipe
> > that I can reference?
> > 
> > Laurie Colbert
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