LFB wash off

From:A van Binsbergen

Hope this helps

Firstly make up the following adhesive:

50ml egg white (remove all solid matter)
50 ml glycerine
mix together (I used a fork and beat it vigorously) and allow to 'settle'
filter through double layer of gauze/muslin (takes a while to filter
measure final volume and add equal volume distilled water
store at -20C in 1ml aliquots (never freezes but does not go 'off')

smear VERY THINLY on to CLEAN slides with tissue
store coated slides at 37C

Cut duplicate brain @ 5m onto these slides
leave sections/slides @ 37C overnight

this may seem a 'long winded' approach but I remember (before using it)
taking slides out of LFB solution and wanting to tear my hair out at the
thought of having to recut and restain the brains again!!!

This method is foolproof

My sections ALWAYS stayed on

Good Luck
Anne S. van Binsbergen
S.A.I.M.R./Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital
South Africa

+2711 48

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