How to unsubscribe from Histonet

From:Lee & Peggy Wenk

I know I just ran this last week, but many people seem to
be wanting to unsubscribe due to the virus, and don't know how.

1. Address an email (new) to

2. In the SUBJECT area (not the discussion area), type


Make certain that it is 11 letters long. Make certain that the
"c" is there, and that there are 2 "s" (two common mistakes).
There is also an "r".  (u-n-s-u-b-s-c-r-i-b-e)

Do NOT add any other words, like "please".

Do NOT add any quote marks (") or periods.

3. Hit Send or Transmit.

4. Be patient, and wait.

This may take a few minutes to overnight.

If you want to resubscribe in the future:

1. Address a new email to

2. In the SUBJECT AREA, not the discussion area, type:


Again, no extra words, punctuation. It is 9 letters long, with
2 "s" and 1 "c" and 1 "r". (s-u-b-s-c-r-i-b-e)


4. Be patient. This takes a few minutes to overnight.

Good luck.

Peggy A. Wenk, 

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