Gross training

From:Kari Dalziel <>

Fellow Histotechs,
At our facility most of the histotechs do the grossing. Our pathologists
would like us to do even more than we are now. This would include cervical
cones,skin biopsies which require orientation, simple uteri, POC's, tonsils,
placenta's, etc.  We are already doing skin bx's, needle cores, vas,
fallopian tubes, appy's and gallbladders, and whatever else is simple and
can be totally submitted.  My question is, "Are there any other tech's out
there doing the more complicated specimens that I've mentioned? Are they
willing to let someone shadow them for a short period of time to help with
training?  Are doc's would like us to learn but do not have the time to
teach.  Are there any formal training programs, classes, seminars that are
available? Any help or leads will be appreciated.
Kari Dalziel
Histology Supervisor
Lower Columbia Pathologists
Longview, Wa

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