Thanks for all the support on this subject. 

We had met with the building committee (ie, bureaucrats) a couple of months
ago and told them pretty much what several of you Histonetters have said:
the microscope is the pathologists main tool and without it, they don't
work. At first they insisted the pathologists should do that work in the
lab, but we stood firm and asked them to visit any pathologists office in
Atlanta (Emory Medical center is right next door to CDC) and see what was in
their offices.

Yesterday they came back and said they would allow microscopes in offices,
but that those offices had to situated as close to the lab entrance as
possible, and had to have vinyl floors.

We could live with that, but it makes the logistics of the office layout a
bit wierd. The offices near the lab are all open cubicles, some with windows
to the outside, others without. That means the offices designed for the
"upper level" people (big, enclosed, nice views), ie, pathologists, would go
to technologists and the pathologists would be out in the smaller cubicles
(hmmm, maybe I shouldn't argue too hard on this!).

The only substantial contamination p

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