whole animal sections

From:"Instrumedics, Inc." <info@instrumedics.com>

Just returned from my vacation and although the discussion of whole animal
frozen sections occurred several days ago I want  to say that Instrumedics
does offer the tape-transfer process for 2X3inch slides with a modified
CryoJane and for those using the Leica CM 3600 Cryomacrocut the
Macro Tape-Transfer System(MTTS) is available. The MTTS allows you to cut a
whole animal frozen section on a  large special tape and to transfer the
section inside the cryostat chamber (the section remains frozen) to a glass
slide 5X8 inches. Once on the slide you can carry out histological stains as
well as immunostains, in-situ hybridization, FISH etc. You are no longer
limited to autoradiography!

The Instrumedics web site has the details. www.instrumedics.com

We welcome any questions you may have!


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