From:Barry Rittman <>

The comparison between Vendor advertising and Recruiter advertising is
not a valid one.
While it is true that recruiters are paid for their work, it is also
true that endorsements of products and techniques at times may also be
biased. As an example individuals may be using specific products because
they are free or because of the research that is funded by various
groups. It is easy to recommend the cook when you are getting free
jellied donuts!
I think that it is fine for vendors to briefly note that there is a new
product on the market or an existing product that fulfills a function
for which there has been a question.
I think that the problem that was initially raised re vendor advertising
was some blatant advertising of products with the obvious primary  aim
of promoting these products and that solving the technical question was
a lesser priority.
I might add that I enjoy learning about new products and I feel that
this is a valuable service especially as travel funds to meetings where
these products are demonstrated, appears to be shrinking. I might also
add that with very few exceptions the vendors have shown a high degree
of professionalism in their responses to the Histonet.

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