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I agree with Andy. I like to be aware of what's happening in our field, and in 
different areas of the country. I think we all need to concern ourselves with 
the current changes in Histology. Also, while I am not looking for a new 
position at this time, I do periodicallly know of those who are. 
LuAnn Anderson HT(ASCP)

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I kind of enjoy the postings, primarily because they serve as reminders of
how robust our profession remains and secondarily, because they (sometimes)
provide realtime snapshots of what salary structures are doing. Andy, St.
Josephs, Phx AZ

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> Am I alone in not wanting the histonet to be invaded by professional job 
> recruiters?  I don't mind the techs listing a position for their
> institution 
> - but I do resent all of the professional recruitment ads placed lately on
> the histonet.
> Freida Carson

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