Vendors on Histonet

From:Brian Carpenter <>

As a vendor, BBC Biochemical does not feel it is necessary that you allow
vendors to advertise via the HistoNet.  If there are any products that a
vendor has that relates to a question(s) posted on the HistoNet, then it
should be the responsibility of the vendor to relay that information direct
to the individual user with the question or concern.

If the individual user decides to sample products from a vendor, BBC
Biochemical feels that it is better for that individual user to relay the
results on the HistoNet as opposed to the vendor directly advertising on the
HistoNet.  This way the HistoNet remains free from the "clutter" of
advertisements from vendors and will be used as a
question/answer/information service for labs, techs, doctors, end-users,

Brian Carpenter
Sales Representative
BBC Biochemical

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