Terminology problem Technovits numbers/plastics Attn: Linda Durbin

From:Gayle Callis <uvsgc@montana.edu>


Is 7200 a GMA/PMMA mixture?  and I have heard the Technovit 9100 (PMMA) has
been changed, a new accelerator other than Perkadox 16???  Had a question
about this recently, and when I get all the numbers straight, hard copy
posted on wall!

Just a matter of solubilities, if PMMA is softened by alcohol, and GMA by
water, if 7200 IS GMA/PMMA mixture, has anyone tried a lower percentage of
alcohol, ie 50% alcohol to get the best of both solvents?   

Would like to know the answer also

>> From: 	Linda Durbin[SMTP:Linda.Durbin@ExaktUSA.com]

>> Are you really using Technovit 7200 or is it 7100 (GMA).  Or maybe
>> 9100(MMA).  7200 is very brittle.  If it is 7200 I'd love to know how
>> you're softening it.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Linda Durbin

Gayle Callis
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