Retic trouble

From:Linda Stirpe <>

Hi Fellow Histonetters,

I need some help trouble shooting Modified Gomoris
Retic and could not think of a better place to ask for
help.  Lately, the control and/or sections are
floating when going from the silver solution to
distilled water and sometimes when going from
distilled water to 20% formalin.  The sections are cut
at 5 microns and put on Poly-L-Lysine slides.  We have
tried drying the slides differently each time - slide
dryer, 37 degree incubator overnight and 57 degree
incubator for 1 hour.  We have made up all new
reagents and the sections still float. All the
reagents and steps done at room temp.  I do not know
what else to try, so, any suggestions are greatly

Thanks in advance,
Linda Stirpe
Corning Hospital
Corning, NY  

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