From:Sarah <>

I sent this e-mail over 2 hours ago, and it has not yet appeared.  Just
wanted  to be sure that it reaches the Histonet.  I previously sent it to
both the Histonet AND to Dr. Oppenheimer.  Perhaps that is why it did not
reach the Histonet.

Dr. Oppenheimer's question was> A good idea?

NOT a good idea!!  Come on people.  So far the "score" is 38 for and only 5
against recruiters.  I think that speaks for itself.  As I said before,
can't we all use the delete key?  That is something we all have, and that's
the reason it is there. There is a lot of stuff posted on the Histonet that
doesn't interest me in the least, and I use my delete key with great
frequency.  That doesn't mean that it is information that is not of GREAT
importance to other folks.

I personally found Dr. Oppenheimer's offer (see below) to Ms. Diamond
offensive, intrusive and demeaning, given that she has already said that a
webpage is in the works.

> I invite Heather Diamond to look at the following Web Page created for
>her convenience.

Think about all the possible ramifications.  If recruiters cannot post jobs
available, can hospitals still do it?  Where do we draw the line?  And who
are we to draw the line in the first place?  Let's get clear on this whole
topic.  If you want to dissect it, then we can do that.  But I sincerely
doubt that is what the MAJORITY of Histonet subscribers want, given the
total response to date.  We are all too busy either looking for a job, or
DOING our jobs, given the lack of financial acceptance of our
professionalism by hospitals and Pathologists alike!  :*)

> Jonathan Oppenheimer, MD
> Pathologist with too much e-mail to read as it is

But you STILL make this offer:

>I suggest she be allowed to post every week (every two weeks?) to the
>histonet that postions are available at this site. If she contacts me by
>e-mail, I will add or delete any postings she desires.

I think it sounds like you either need to learn to use your delete key or to
unsubscribe.  Sounds like a no-brainer to me!

Since I sent an e-mail about the "score" of 38 to 5, there have been several
more people express their feelings about this.  And they have my thanks!!

Sarah Jones, HTL(ASCP)

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