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Hello HistoNetters,

Sorry to mention thius subject yet again but I thnk it is worth a
discussion.  Frieda Carson had a good point but I agree with the 17 and now
18 including myself that disagreed with her opinion.  We are an
under-represented, over worked, under paid and often unrecoginized medical
proefessional group; and anything to further our professional
endeavors-techically related or job recruitment and/or information is
welcomed by me in this forum.  I am always looking for a new opportunity and
many times they are not in the paper.  Also if I should ever move out of
state I could secure an interview without even picking up the phone because
of recruiters with info and e-mail.  I see institutions and individuals
advertising openings all the time on the net-why not recruiters as long as
the net isn't flooded all the time with ads?  They do a service and there is
a crisis in histology related positionas across the country.  Recruiters are
smart and savy people who have seen a need that they can service and  at the
same time take advantage of an opportunity for themselves.  I see this as a
win/win situation.

Because of the job crisis in histo I am afraid institutions/employers may go
back to hiring HS Diploma grads and under skilled staff.  With ads at our
disposal on the computer more people could be placed in the appropriate
level positions.  Many states do not have state licensure yet-including NYS.
We should all be aware that our field could become diluted with under
skilled or on-the-job trained techs who have little science background or no
insterest in staying in histo for the long run (High turn overs in hospital
based settings- like evey 6 to 12 months I have seen-clerks trained to cut
leave.)  This is not good for our field we need stability and committed
staff and properly prepared staff-at least an ASS degrees pref in bio or an
ASS in histo tech related.

Well enoough of my soap box monolog!! Thanks for reading it if you did. If
you don't want to press DELETE!!


Sue Becker, HTL (ASCP)
Albany, NY 12205

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