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In order to take the Histologic Technician (HT) or Histotechnologist (HTL)
certification exam through the American Society of Histotechnologist (ASCP),
you need (in your case):
- HT - associate degree (2 years of college equal to US college) plus 20
semester hours in biology and chemistry plus appropriate experience.
- HTL - baccalaureate degree (US equivalent) plus 30 semester hours of
biology and chemistry plus experience.

The college courses would have to be evaluated by one of about a dozen
agencies in the US, to determine if the coursework is equivalent to US
college course.

The hard part is the experience. This is defined, for both, as:
"one year full time acceptable experience in histopathology within
the last ten years under the supervision of a pathologist (certified by
the American Board of Pathology in Anatomic Pathology, or eligible)."

If, in the lab in your country, you are working under a pathologist
certified by ABP in Anat. Path., then you could take the exam, though
you would have to fly, sail or swim to the US to take it.

If your pathologist is NOT ABP certified in AP, then you cannot take it.

However, the other route is to find a hospital in the US who is willing to
hire you, come to the US, work for 1 year, and then take the exam.

Yes, you can work in the US without taking the exam. In most states,
it is not required. Some hospitals require it, but most of these allow
for people to obtain the experience first. For example, in my hospital,
you must take and pass the HT or HTL exam within 1 1/2 years AFTER
you obtain the experience.

The problem is obtaining permission to come into the US to work for
that year. A student visa does not work. Obtaining a green card to
work can take a while, especially if you are from a country that the US
puts a limit on accepting people into the country.

There is a provision that, if an area of the country can demonstrate a
shortage of workers skilled/trained/educated in a certain field, then
there is a way to hire people from other countries, and getting around
this "quota" from certain counties.

My husband works for a car company, and I know they have been
able to hire engineers and people with computer skills from other
countries, when they could demonstrate that there was a need to
hire people, and no one to fill the need.

I know hospitals in our area are going to the Philippines to hire nurses,
due to the shortage.

What I don't know is - what agency is responsible for "declaring"
shortages and allowing people from outside the US in to fill these

I think a case could be made for shortages of HT and HTL, with
the average shortage across the country of 16% and 22%,

Possibly someone out these in HistoLand has done this, and can
help you.

Otherwise, just look for the "I have an opening" notices on the
Histonet, and apply/ask them, or on the NSH home page

Good luck.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073
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> Hi there
> Can anyone give me detailed info on how a South Afrcan with our National
> Diploma In Medical Technology(Histopathological Technique) registered in
> this country with the South African Medical and Dental Council and having
> least 10 - 20 years experience in an accredited laboratory can go about
> getting the necessary registration with the ACPS to apply for work in the
> USA. Do our qualifications meet the requirements to answer ads on the
> Histonet?
> thanks
> Heather Earp-Jones
> Cape Town
> South Africa

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