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I believe that knowledge should be free, however I do see your point.
I therefore suggest that it would be logical to carry this a step further. The
honorable thing to do  is for you to  reimburse the technicians and institutes
that gave you the training in specific techniques. Perhaps a surtax (Royalty) on
each of the special stains that you carry out?

"Jonathan R. Oppenheimer" wrote:

> I agree that was an excellent point. How's about this. More and more private
> histology labs are popping up since the reimbursement for making slides has
> increased. Since there are only so many specimens in the world to divvy up,
> all labs are in constant competition with one another. The knowledge of how
> to do special stains, immunohistochemistry, etc is really intellectual
> property imparted to technologists during training, conferences, and
> on-the-job experiences. The best strategy for a technician to improve the
> well-being of her own lab is NOT to share trade "secrets" which other labs
> need. True, competition makes us all better, but aren't new (and especially
> financier-backed commercial) labs getting a great deal by getting the info
> without having to hire  the experienced techs to get the knowledge? Does
> this not help them hire one knowledgable foreman and then train people off
> the street to crank out the routine cases in slide-mills? What happens to
> the prestige and hourly wages of histotechs then?
> Hey, I'm all for free knowledge. . . in theory.  I just don't think that
> lawyers, doctors, and other professionals give out their knowledge for free
> when it is exactly this knowledge that makes others think of them as
> professional.
> Just thinkin' out loud. Excuse me while I jump into my asbestos suit as I
> prepare myself for the ensuing flames that are about to come my direction.
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> Cathy in a since we are all getting a paycheck to use this free service.
> Any question related to our work can be posted here no matter how mundane
> or simple the question. when we tell our bosses we have an answer to a
> problem and then they turn around and say good job. Are we not using the

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