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<html><DIV> <P>Hi, Anila</P> <P>Somehow in my brain I have Wild and Leitz associated with each other.  Could it be that the products you are looking for are from Wild-Leitz?! (which I think are sold through Leica.) Maybe you could try looking this up.</P> <P>Best of luck!</P> <P>C</P></DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV></DIV>>From: Anila Syed <SYEDAB@TOTALISE.CO.UK> <DIV></DIV>>To: HistoNet Server <HISTONET@PATHOLOGY.SWMED.EDU> <DIV></DIV>>Subject: Wild low power microscopes <DIV></DIV>>Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2001 11:47:17 +0100 <DIV></DIV>> <DIV></DIV>>Hello Histonetters, <DIV></DIV>> <DIV></DIV>>I am writing from amidst the depths of the British Sumer heatwave. My <DIV></DIV>>question is this: <DIV></DIV>> <DIV></DIV>>I have a (n antique) low power wild microscope which I would be very pleased <DIV></DIV>>to attach a digital video camera to and transport the images into a <DIV></DIV>>computer, but the c mount (?) housing on this microscope has a square cross <DIV></DIV>>section and the cameras which I have available have round lenses. Does <DIV></DIV>>anybody know of the supplier in the UK of these microscopes? I did a search <DIV></DIV>>on the internet and get the feeling that these are now obsolete. <DIV></DIV>> <DIV></DIV>>Many Thanks in Advance, <DIV></DIV>> <DIV></DIV>>Anila <DIV></DIV>> <DIV></DIV>> <DIV></DIV><br clear=all><hr>Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at <a href=""></a>.<br></p></html>
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