Re: Vegf antibody

From:Amos Brooks <>

    We are using it. I can't remember the vendor or Cat # off the top o' my
head (Santa Cruz comes to mind but  I'm at home now so I can't check). I can
get the info to you Monday. We don't pretreat the sections. The dilution is
1:1600 using LSAB as the detection kit.
Amos Brooks

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From: "Patti Loykasek" <>
To: "histonet" <>
Sent: Friday, July 06, 2001 12:15 PM
Subject: Vegf antibody

> Is anyone using vegf antibody in FFPE tissue? If so, which clone,
> pretreatments, etc... We are currently using a monoclonal with variable
> results after trying a variety of pretreatments, titers, detections. I
> appreciate any information.
> Patti Loykasek
> Phenopath Laboratories
> Seattle, WA

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