Re: Reusing of retrieval solution

From:Amos Brooks <>

    Generally we don't unless we've run out. The buffer solutions are very
inexpensive, so why take chances on such a simple to overcome variable.
Amos Brooks

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From: "Tom Wells" <tomers@HOME.COM>
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Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2001 2:45 PM
Subject: Reusing of retrieval solution

> I was wondering whether or not people reuse retrieval solution after HIER
> and if you do how many times do you reuse it. We currently use Dako's
> retrieval solution and discard it after each use, but, it seems to me that
> there is no chemical reason to discard it. Any comments would be
> appreciated. Thanks. Tom
> Tom Wells, BSc, ART
> Supervisor, Immunohistochemistry Laboratory
> Lions Gate Hospital
> North Vancouver, BC
> Canada

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