Re: Recruiters = vendors ??

From:Sharon Sharon <>

Hear, hear....well done sir!   Sharon Osborn, San Francisco

Amos Brooks wrote:

> Hi,
>     Ya know, I just thaught of something. The implication that recruiters
> are the same as vendors is VERY INSULTING. Now that I think of it, that
> means that you are looking at techs as lab equipment!! Recruiters are just
> peddling their worthless wares and selling techs right? I'm really offended.
>     I think that techs are in a class of their own, not to be compared with
> a supply of chemicals or piece of equipment. And as such, recruiters really
> cannot be compared to vendors at all. That would be very demeaning for both
> the tech and the recruiter.
> Amos Brooks
> PS: I'm not really mad I just think no one really considered this analogy in
> this way. It does warr

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