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From:Lynn Gardner <>


Seemed to have opend another can of worms, A!

Personally, I agree with you on this issue I don't think there is a
difference and I would like for vendors to be able to post like once or
twice a month new products that we should be aware of and just how to get
ahold of some of them. However, this was not to popular opinion the last
time it was brought up so vendors were voted down, why, I am not sure.
Maybe we should ask the question again. If we can limit the postings to
once or twice a month it should not clutter up the server and then everyone
would stay on top of things that are out there to help us with our work.

What do you think? New can of worms!

Lynn Gardner

At 05:43 PM 7/6/01 -0400, you wrote:
>I find the job market interesting also - but this group has always been so 
>adamant about vendors using this forum to sell anything, that I find it 
>strange that the group is so permissive when it comes to a job vendor - and 
>that is what they are.  They receive a very healthy commission when they 
>place anyone.  They are selling their services.  What is the difference?
>Freida Carson

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