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    Sorry to dissent, but I welcome the opportunities offered. I usually
give them a cursory glance then move along. If, however, I see one I like, I
am grateful for the opportunity to respond to it I often pass them along to
those I know who might be interested.
    This is a great place to pick up excellent techs. Most histonet
subscribers are interested in going beyond the basic responsibilities of a
tech and want to actually know what they are doing (imagine that). A perfect
cluster of good recruits.
    This is not like the off topic conversations as was discussed before.
All the responses so far have been private (as I haven't seen any). So I
really don't see the harm.
Amos Brooks

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> Am I alone in not wanting the histonet to be invaded by professional job
> recruiters?  I don't mind the techs listing a position for their
> - but I do resent all of the professional recruitment ads placed lately on
> the histonet.
> Freida Carson

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