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> I find the job market interesting also - but this group has always been so
> adamant about vendors using this forum to sell anything, that I find it
> strange that the group is so permissive when it comes to a job vendor - and
> that is what they are.  They receive a very healthy commission when they
> place anyone.  They are selling their services.  What is the difference?

    The difference is that people who learn about positions at other hospitals/labs/etc. benefit from that
information. Even if they don't switch jobs they can at least find out salaries, benefits, etc in other places.
They get the opportunity to have a little more control over their professional life. How many times have people
asked about workloads in other labs? Yes, the recruiter benefits also but people looking to improve their
employment situation can benefit a great deal. If a vendor sells your lab a piece of equipment, your job may or
may not get easier. You don't necessarily profit while the vendor does.
    Initially, I was opposed to the idea of recruiters "advertising" on Histonet. I have changed my mind. Put me
down in the "Yes" column.
    This discussion is consuming a lot of bandwidth, but is more important than TV sitcoms.

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