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Keep up the postings - I for one enjoy reading them

>>> Heather Diamond <> 07/07/01 10:10AM >>>
Hello everyone,

HDSR has been building a website devoted to Histology
jobs for the past two weeks, The
website will be up and running before the week is out.

Just so you know who I am:  My name is Heather Diamond
and I specialize in Histology positions from Sales to
Tech work across the nation.  I own HDSR and have been
a recruiter for several years.  I started out with
Technical recruiting, placing programmers and such.  I
transitioned into Histology because my step father,
who I adore dearly, has been in the field for almost
11 years and I watched him be underpaid, overworked
and under appreciated for many years.  That is when I
started researching to find him a new position and was
floored at the need for Histology experience across
the nation.  

My Step Father is now relocated and making a better
living in a better place and living a better life.  

My service is free to Candidate's.  As I've stated
before I'm paid by the employer.  

I encourage anyone to call me at Toll Free
866-258-1406 if they have any questions or comments.

Thanks and take care.

Heather Diamond
Sr. Recruiter

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