Re: Plastic Film Coverslip Repair

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Dear Mr. Connelly,

Depending on the coverslipping tape you are using it could be very difficult
to get the tape removed from the slide without damaging the tissue. We can
inform you about our product KP Tape. KP Tape is the alternative for the
Sakura Coverslipping tape with very good results.

KP-tape can be removed from the slide by placing the slide(s) for 3-4
minutes in Acetone
1 minute in a 50/50 mixture Acetone/Xylene
1 minute Xylene  (all at room temperature)

Our US dealer is Mercedes medical in Sarasota Florida

With kind regards

Ronald Kusters
sales executive

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Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 8:07 PM
Subject: Plastic Film Coverslip Repair

| Fellow Histonetters,
| Our Facility has a large number of H & E tissue slides that have
| plastic "film" coverslips.  In a number of instances the tissues are
| actually adhearing to the coverslip and are coming completely off the
| slide.  One Histology Correspondent suggested it might not be
| appropriate to use Xylene to repair these because it might liquify the
| plastic film coverslip.  She also wasn't sure if Permount mounting
| media would liquify the plastic film coverslip.  Any insight that
| could be provided into successful resolution of this dilemma would be
| greatly appreciated.
| Sincerely,
| J. Keith Connelly

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