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First, the "latest" survey, published in March 2001, was from
information gathered August-Oct. 2000. So the numbers are
almost 1 year old.

And I know in the Detroit area, at about the same time last year,
many histology labs were in the process of asking administration
to raise the wage rate for histotechs. So if any Detroit labs
responded during that time, it was BEFORE many of the
salary hikes went into effect.

Second, the surveys were sent randomly to 2500 lab
managers who were also ASCP members. Of these,
594 (24%) were returned. So that means that over
1900 were NOT returned! So the results are from
less than 600 labs. Wouldn't it have been nice if all
2500 labs from across the country had responded?

Third, I know that in the Detroit tri-county area, the
histotech wages are at least $1 an hour higher than other
parts of Michigan. And that Michigan is at least $1
an hour higher than some of the other states of the region
in which ASCP BOR grouped us.

So the survey shows that the hospitals in our area are paying
about $2 an hour more for a histotech than the regional
average. But that means that some other areas in
other states in our region are paying $2 less an hour.

However, even at $2 more an hour, AND with my
school in the area, we are still having a histotech
SHORTAGE! Which is why the wages went up
around here less than a year ago.

Finally, the survey will help those being paid LESS than
the  regional/national average. It is a basis for all other labs,
where they can say - "But our cost of living is higher" or
"But our shortage is worse than what is listed" or
"Most histotechs seem to be earning 50 cents an hour
less (or whatever) than med techs, but we are earning
$1.50 less (or whatever)."

Hope this helps clear up the survey a little.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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> To all,
> I have read the most recent ASCP vacancy and wage survey.  What is going
> Who is sending in these numbers?  I have been checking into new positions
> myself and the offers which are currently out there are blowing the wage
> listings away.  This is unfortunate since we, as histotechs, cannot look
> this most recent publication for support in asking present employers for
> better compensation.  In actuality, our current employers can now use this
> survey to say "Hey, according to this publication, you are right where you
> are supposed to be, salary-wise."  In short, don't let the survey fool
> Now is the time to better your lot in life, if you are willing to move o

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