Re: Pap or MGG?

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Steve Machin Uk replies

Try washing the slides in warm to hot water to remove the EA50 and
Orange G then in acid alcohol to get the Haematoxylin out.

N.b. Warm water works well for Eosin and Trichrome stains too and
doesn't take out the Haematoxylin.

--- wrote: > Greetings,
>        The scenario was this:  Slides that were meant to be stained
> MGG were 
> accidentally stained Pap stain.  What would other histotech's do to
> handle 
> this situation?  Destain/restain with acid alcohol does not work. 
> Can Pap's 
> be destained in other ways or would it simply be better to stain
> over the 
> slides with mgg?  Thanks for any input.
> Deb

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