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Hi Amos,
Just wanted to point out that in my last statement on venders, I said that I 
agreed with Lynn on allowing them to post once or twice a month. I agree that 
posting all the time would cause problems, but I do think it might work if we 
had a scheduled time for such postings. I like your suggestion of having them 
register to ensure their legitimacy. I think the venders we have heard from on 
Histonet have all been very professional, but can see how "opening it up" could 
be dangerous. Requiring them to somehow register is a great suggestion!!
LuAnn Anderson

> Ok,
>     Here's an idea, How about one day per week we open up the list to
> everyone for ONE DAY per week. Each vendor should register to make sure they
> are legitimate and not spammers. (Just running with an open suggestion don't
> kill me for it)
>     I can imagine the problems that could occur letting vendors post all the
> time. This list would mushroom into a huge nightmare if access to the list
> was constant so I have to disagree partially with LuAnn.
>     Also, if getting attachments frustrates you now, HTML is almost built
> for e-mail sales. The messages should not take up the space of the histonet
> archives either, unless they decided to chip in for server space. There may
> be some objections to this however since this would be akin to having NPR
> (National Public Radio) go commercial.
>     I do agree to some extent with her though, that I am not afraid of
> hearing from vendors on occasion. But, to keep the histonet the great place
> it has always been there needs to be some restrictions.
> Amos Brooks
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> > Hi Heather,
> > I completely agree with Marsha. I think your posts are professional and
> precise
> > and are invaluable to most of us on Histonet. Please keep them coming and
> ignore
> > those who are against them. They need the practice with the delete key
> they seem
> > to not know what it's for!! Frankly, I am quite surprised by some of those
> > complaining, as I would think that they of ALL people, would be proud to
> see our
> > profession finally getting the recognition and respect it has deserved for
> > years.
> > As for the venders, bring them on!!! I also enjoy learning about any new
> > products which just might make my life in the lab a little easier! I see
> no
> > problem with them posting new product info, as long as it pertains to
> Histology.
> > It might just make life a little less complicated for many of us. I think
> Lynn's
> > idea of letting them post once or twice a month is a good one.
> > Just my 2 cen

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