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I've been using Vector BCIP the last couple of weeks and haven't noticed
any signal loss after dehydrating and clearing in CitraSolv.  The Vector
tech folk claim that, at least with theirs, everything is hunkydorry and
so far I can agree.

Hoping you get blue.

John Carroll Dennis
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On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Maura Farquharson wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Several enzyme histochemical methods e.g. for dehydrogenases use NBT as the
> chromogen.At the end of the development of the formazan reaction
> product,several methods recommend fixing for 10-15 mins in 10% formaldehyde
> then dehydating through alcohols,clearing in xylene and mounting.I find
> this loses some of the reacion product and the results are weaker than if I
> aqueous mount.Does anyone routinely dehydrate (especially after using
> NBT/BCIP as a chromogen and substrate combination)?How can I preserve the
> colour better?Dehydrating and mounting make photography so much better.
> Allan (on a 

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