RE: staining of mouse osteoclasts

There was an article in JOH about an antibody to acid phosphatase but I have
not used it.  I still do enzyme histochemistry for osteoclasts (TRAP) but it
does not work in decalcified ffpe tissue.  I use it on alcohol fixed,
undecalcified, GMA embedded samples.
Patsy Ruegg

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		What about osteoblasts also?



		Sarka Lhotak wrote:

		> Hello Histonetters,
		>         would anybody have a technique for staining
osteoclasts in mouse
		> bones, demineralized and paraffin embedded? A source of an
		> (calcitonin receptor, RANK ??) would be appreciated, or
any other
		> suggestions.
		>         Thanks a lot,
		> Sarka Lhotak
		> Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre
		> McMa

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