RE: recruiters

From:"Dresser, Karen" <>

I agree that some standard for solicitation postings should be
upheld, but the information we get from vendors and job postings
can be very valuable. I have spent dozens and dozens of hours
recently searching various websites trying to get information
on new equipment, and less recently, a new job. Perhaps some
sort of compromise for advertising could be reached between 
"all" and "none".
If the Histonet were able to maintain separate a "rolodex" file
where vendors, recruiters, and other for-profit organizations could
list their contact information, then when people needed that
information they would have a concise directory to go to. That 
would help us as techs, and keep down the traffic of ads on 
the server.
And the next time somebody posts "What Sakura's phone number?" the
answer would be "Look in the Rolodex."

Whatdaya think?

Karen Dresser
Research Histotechnician
Pathology Department
UMASS Medical School
Room # S2-302
phone: 508-856-2136

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