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Hazel, I recommend you look at the Photodyne product (web site and other
below). I have used the system (though not at present) and it is by far the
best gross photo system you can buy. It is design specifically for pathology
and is very easy to use. It can accomadate digital, film and video, all in
the same package. The table is large and the focusing system is extremely
easy (it uses an image projected on the specimen to focus). It is expensive,
but well worth it to get the best images.



Photodyne Technologies, Inc.
19441-134 Business Center Drive.
Northridge CA 91324 USA.

(818) 701-8877, (800) 660-2147.

(818) 701-8880.


Besides Photodyne, several manufacurers of gross hoods have attachments to
mount cameras right on the hood, over the gross bench. Though that is not a
good setup for perfect pictures, it is fast and may meet your needs.

See thermoshandons' Gross Lab Junior and senior, and, especially,  Mopec

Tim Morken
CDC, Atlanta
(I have no interest in these companies and CDC does not own any of these
systems. Opinions are my own, not those of the US government, etc.)

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Hi all,
We are looking for a new gross photography set up.   Digital camera,
software, camera stand.....etc.    Can anyone help us out with brands,

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