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I have used 2 manufacturers c-fos antibodies on FFPE material. They are
1).the polyclonal from Oncogene (ab-2), Cat No. PC05 , and 2).a polyclonal
from santa cruz (K-25) Cat No. sc-253.

Both have worked extremely well on FFPE human CNS material as well as in
other species of CNS. In the case of the Oncogene we used it in sheep.,
Santa Cruz worked well with Guinea pig and mouse. Both needed antigen
retrieval with DAKO TRS solution.

I hope this helps

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We are currently trying to set up a series of experiments with c-fos
detection on formalin fixed paraffin embedded sections. The antibody we
were using so far on vibratome sections does not seem to work on FFPE
tissue. I would thus like to hear about your experience with different
c-fos antibodies that work on FFPE tissue (if there are any)

Thanx in advance


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