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Hi Angie,
    I use Trilogy regularly for some of our antibodies.  I use it for 15
minutes in a pressure cooker.  I routinely discard the first bath and save
the second, even if it isn't going to be used for a few days.  That saved
bath becomes my first bath next time.  I usually have to add a little more
fresh solution, to be sure that I covered up the tissue sections on the
slides.  I know that it is expensive, but it gives really clean results.
Hope this helps.  

Jennifer Johnson 
Genzyme Corporation 
P.O. Box 9322 
Framingham, MA 01701-9322 
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We uses Trilogy for antigen retrieval or cell conditioning--whatever you wnt

to call it. Has anyone had any success with reusing this solution for
retrieval? We use two containers in a steamer for 30 min each. We discard
first solution and only reuse the second if another antigen retrieval  is 
requested on that same day. Trilogy is expensive though and it would be nice

to conserve solution if we could.  Thanks----------Angie Schmidt 
Tri-Health Labs 
Good Samaritan Hosp 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

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