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Dear Gayle et al.

For the record....

Technovit 7100 is Kulzer's kit for GMA.  

Technovit 7200 is the light polymerizing resin (main component isobornyl
methacrylate with some GMA also) that we use with the EXAKT Cutting/Grinding
System.  This resin is hard, brittle and good for ground sections.  It
cannot be softened enough to be cut on a sledge microtome.  It will chatter.
It does not soften with alcohol unless you leave it in or on too long while

Technovit 9100 is Kulzer's kit for PMMA.  I'm not sure what the initiator is
for this one.  You should contact Energy Beam Sciences.

And, at the risk of sounding like a vendor....there is a new kit called
Technovit 9100 New.  This is MMA that has been specially designed for immuno
and enzyme histochemistry along with in situ.  This is so new that I just
received the literature last month.  We are currently waiting for
instructions on how best to ship the hazardous components.  I do have
information if anyone is interested.

Hope this clears up the confusion.

Linda Durbin
EXAKT Technologies, Inc.

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Subject: Terminology problem Technovits numbers/plastics Attn: Linda


Is 7200 a GMA/PMMA mixture?  and I have heard the Technovit 9100 (PMMA) has
been changed, a new accelerator other than Perkadox 16???  Had a question
about this recently, and when I get all the numbers straight, hard copy
posted on wall!

Just a matter of solubilities, if PMMA is softened by alcohol, and GMA by
water, if 7200 IS GMA/PMMA mixture, has anyone tried a lower percentage of
alcohol, ie 50% alcohol to get the best of both solvents?   

Would like to know the answer also

>> From: 	Linda Durbin[]

>> Are you really using Technovit 7200 or is it 7100 (GMA).  Or maybe
>> 9100(MMA).  7200 is very brittle.  If it is 7200 I'd love to know how
>> you're softening it.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Linda Durbin

Gayle Callis
Histopathology Supervisor
Veterinary Molecular Biology

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